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Originally Posted by Beaudry View Post
So as regards this post (truncated a bit above for brevity) -- I was there last night, and am disconcerted by the fencing. I mean, this is such a great and important bit of remaining Central City West that we must fight to keep it from vanishing. This could be demo fencing, or this could be necessary for the total reroof/repaint/historically accurate windows & et cetera it's about to get. Right? Anyone know something?

Note that, in the image below, near every possible opening that could be open, is. Now, maybe they have to air out the place because they're using chemicals to strip paint, or something. But an open-air edifice allows ingress to a lot more than just pigeons; it was unsavory characters who got into the Castle & Salt Box and lit a fire. Heck, I was in a suit and I coulda vaulted that fence in two seconds without mussing myself.

According to the Assessor, the three (contiguous) buildings are 1895, 1907 and 1903. If anybody has the wherewithal to hunt down what's happening here, its address is (litany of addresses are) attached:
Fingers crossed that this is a renovation. The original house and castle-like "annexes" are both unique in their own ways. Would be such a shame to lose one of the few remnants of the era in this part of town.
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