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I don't think this image has appeared here before. It's quite meaningful to me because I've done a lot of hiking in all 3 of these mountain regions, and the Magnolia Park neighborhood where I live is clearly visible in the background, though this rusticated view shows more orchards than homes.

I've marked the main streets of Burbank along with their names. My own little house is on the east side of Niagara St., near Verdugo. The sign was built in '23 and my house in '26, so it may or may not have been there when this aerial shot was taken. I do see one small home in about the right place, but who knows...

The map is from '24, and closely reflects what is seen in the aerial, though several streets still have their older names. Burbank airport doesn't exist yet, Buena Vista still ends at Burbank Blvd. (then called Central), and there's no Riverside Drive. The L.A. River appears to "begin" around what is now Forest Lawn Cemetery. San Fernando Road and the adjacent railway tracks would be about halfway between Burbank Blvd. and the base of the sloping Verdugo hills.

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This is fabulous!! My grandparents and great-grandparents farmed leased land at Central ( now Burbank Blvd) and the end of Buena Vista. The "Ranch" as they called it, is probably where the silo-like structure appears next to the fold of the picture. My father was born on that ranch in 1913. His parents and grandparents came to Burbank in 1910. I have never seen such a clear picture or one from that angle. Most are from the Verdugo Hills instead. Part of the ranch was taken for the Burbank Airport in about 1930, not long after this was taken. Thanks for the great find!
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