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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
A real roundhouse at the former Taylor Yard.


Photograph caption dated April 18, 1953 reads, "This is the Southern Pacific's old roundhouse near the Los Angeles river. It's a far cry from Dieselville, which is a sprawling yard. In the roundhouse, locomotives are stacked in stalls like silver stallions. On the turntable is the DInky, a snubnosed beetle on an engine which pushes the 'biggies' hither and yon. 'There still is romance in steam,' said one veteran railroader."

Thank you for that picture! Our second grade class went on a field trip to that roundhouse just before it was to be torn down. (School year 1961-2.) I remember we all wrote thank-you letters to the man who was our guide there. Mrs. Leonard (our teacher) also took us to Angels Flight on a field trip, but I don't remember if that was the same day as our roundhouse visit. I DO however remember that roundhouse field trip was the very first time I went on the new Santa Monica Freeway. (It didn't go very far then; only a few tenths of a mile past the East L.A. interchange). Ah, the memories!


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