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Thank you for your comments, Mike and sopas.

It's funny you should mention your concern about the safety of the bridge, Mike. When I was walking it, I noticed an entire missing floor plank. Fairly visible in the daylight, but could have been a hazard for anyone crossing at night. I don't recall seeing the roundhouse in the area. I have an old issue of "Classic Trains" magazine that has a nice aerial photo showing both the Cornfield and the Bullring yards, with locations numbered. I will try to dig it out, and find where the roundhouse(s) was located. Looking at gsjansen's posting of the birdseye map illustrations, the roundhouse didn't stay in one place for too long.

This is getting pretty trivial, but I think I can notice some differences in the appearance of the bridge from the 1940s photographs, to when I was there in '87. There appears to be an angular jag, say in the first 200 to 300 feet from Broadway. I recall the bridge being straight, and the most obvious difference to be seen in the "This Gun For Hire" footage, is that the bridge was once entirely open topped. An overhead framework can be seen in the '87 photo. But it only makes sense the bridge would have been rebuilt a few times.

It really startled me to see the old bridge went all the way back to 1891 (or at least an earlier version). Damn, I love this thread!

Thank you sopas for the information about the Broadway/Buena Vista viaduct. I had no idea it was that old! Wow! I must go take a look at the new clean up and ornamentation work on my next L.A. visit. I really appreciate and enjoy your knowledge of Los Angeles history.

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