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Jeff: Was this the bank? I dunno... I'm kind of liking it.
Gaylord and Beaudry: We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Ha! To me, the bldg. is a monstrosity. It's interesting that it went up as Hollywood Blvd. and surrounding area were going into seedy decline. There were probably many who thought that modernization with bldgs. like this were the answer to Hollywood's problems. Same time that Bunker Hill was being bulldozed.
The photos though, as usual, are excellent. Thanks.
I believe that C.E. Toberman was the founder of First Federal savings.
This "headquarters" bldg. is a perfect example (again. my opinion) of the typical developer's attitude at its height in the 50's through the 70's: "If it's old, it's unwanted junk and get rid of it, if it's new, modern and "up to date" it's great."
Wonder if anyone has a photo of an interesting bldg. I remember near Grauman's Chinese. It was a "1920's Oriental" style apartment bldg. called the "Nirvana," and may still be there. It was on Orchid Avenue, I believe, north of Hollywood Blvd. near Franklin, and had supposedly been financed by silent screen actress Anna Mae Wong. Also nearby was (is?) the wonderful Mission Revival house that became the Cinemotographer's bldg.

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