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Originally Posted by JeffDiego View Post
Gaylord: I'm looking forward to any photos at what was at the NW corner of Highland and Hollywood. I lived in LA in the 70's, and my memory is that there was an ugly eyesore of a 60's high-rise bank bldg. there. Not too dissimilar to the one in the architect's drawing of a proposed new "Hollywood Hotel" you show. That tacky bank bldg. was even worse than the present-day "complex."
I went into the bank bldg. once because it was where Homer Tobermann (spelling?), early Hollywood developer, kept his huge file of old Hollywood photographs, and I got to look through the file.
Oh, the original Hollywood Hotel - such an old, and a bit shabby, beauty. Another priceless historical treasure, Gone with the wind.
I thought that bank building was an eyesore too. I was glad to see it demolished in the late 1990s, in conjunction with the construction of the Red Line subway extension. By then the building was totally run down and had a rusty, water-stained look to it. In the mid-90s, the ground floor had a cheap sporting goods store, I don't remember the name of it; in my days as a TV production assistant back in the mid-90s, I went there with another PA to look for props.
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