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Jeff: Was this the bank? I dunno... I'm kind of liking it.

Originally Posted by JeffDiego View Post
Gaylord: I'm looking forward to any photos at what was at the NW corner of Highland and Hollywood. I lived in LA in the 70's, and my memory is that there was an ugly eyesore of a 60's high-rise bank bldg. there. Not too dissimilar to the one in the architect's drawing of a proposed new "Hollywood Hotel" you show. That tacky bank bldg. was even worse than the present-day "complex."
I went into the bank bldg. once because it was where Homer Tobermann (spelling?), early Hollywood developer, kept his huge file of old Hollywood photographs, and I got to look through the file.
Oh, the original Hollywood Hotel - such an old, and a bit shabby, beauty. Another priceless historical treasure, Gone with the wind.
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