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USCDL (and gsjansen)

Call me reactionary if you want, but even this, which we might be able to enjoy for some Mid-Century appeal, would be preferable to the junkheap
currently on the NW corner of Hollywood and Highland. While I can't find any comprehensive shots of what was actually in place after the old
Hollywood Hotel, I'm not so sure that whatever was there might not have been preferable to the junkheap. Can anyone find shots of the corner
after Mira Hershey's legacy buildings were demolished?



A great night shot, with a '56 Oldsmobile in front.


Originally Posted by malumot View Post
But I think that's the point in a nutshell....

".....barely visible....."

The Biltmore, Roosevelt, Shrine, et. al. are landmarks.

The Kodak is wedged, mid-block, into a shopping mall. Which is itself indistinguishable from, say, Universal Citywalk - as if a chunk of it broke off, rolled down Cahuenga Pass and came to a stop at the corner of Hollywood & Highland.

Thanks, malumot: You've stated it much more clearly than apparently I was able to.... It does indeed look as though a piece of something rolled down through the Pass and settled as an irreparable pile of junk on Hollywood Boulevard.... To quote Gebhard and Winter: "The tedium is relieved only by...details from D.W. Griffith's famous set for Intolerance splashed around. Unfortunately some rearing elephants and an Assyrian gate do not raise the building out of the cheap and tawdry." 'Nuff said.

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