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Wow, some really great posts! Great Harold Lloyd post, gsjansen. And malumot, great post on the Crown Motel. I love the maps you posted, too. I have a Renie Atlas of Los Angeles County from 1943, but it's only of LA County (with a California state highway map). It's cool seeing a map of pre-freeway Orange County. Gaylord, the post on the A&P Markets is also very interesting. Of course seeing the list of locations, I just had to Google map the Alhambra address, being that I live near Alhambra and I wanted to see where it was located/if the building still exists. Unfortunately it's gone. A strip mall circa 1980s is there now, in the heart of downtown Alhambra, even, the southeast corner of Main and Garfield. I'm wondering if the Pasadena location on Foothill and Rosemead is now the Whole Foods that's located there. There's a shopping center there that includes a Sears, but the center itself looks like it might've been remodeled many times over the years.

I know the Charles Motel and El Royale Motel well. Not because I ever stayed at either of them, but because across the street and a little west from that location was a great Hungarian restaurant called Lazlo's Hortobagy. It was very good, and the clientele was always an interesting bunch-- old loud San Fernando Valley Jews, young couples dressed up for dinner, and sometimes TV celebs. I remember seeing Eric McCormack from "Will & Grace" there (a show I never watched). But the Charles Motel always looked so seedy, especially at night, and it had these weird colored floodlights shining on the walls. And there were always a few cars in the lot, I assumed they were charge-by-the-hour illicit trysts. I haven't been there in a while because Lazlo's Hortobagy closed like 2 or 3 years ago; last I saw, it had become an Indian restaurant.

This is probably a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone might have any info on a place called the Wulpole Hotel, on or near Main and 5th in downtown Los Angeles? I ask because... well, it's kind of a long story, but on a birth certificate dated from 1946, for the address listed for the birth parents, all it says is "Wulpole Hotel, Main and 5th, Los Angeles." There's no exact street address given. I've looked up Wulpole Hotel online and can't find any info on it.
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