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ethereal-- I use Picasa--also a free download. Anyway, once I have the url (from, say, the LAPL) I highlight it and click "copy"; I then click on the "insert image" icon above (looks like a mountain with a sun over it), which usually requires me to click a bar at top to temporarily allow scripted windows--I go to the resulting box and right-click to paste the copied url in it; then you click "OK" and the url appears here in this reply box, with [IMG] on one end[/IMG] on the other. (Not sure about your "[IMP]"). If I've captured an image or otherwise have a photo that needs a url, I upload it (a 2-step process on Picasa), right-click on the resulting image (which is now mysteriously and supposedly anonymously online) to get the url, and follow the same procedure as above. I find I have to be careful when copying and pasting, otherwise the pics don't get posted.
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