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Originally Posted by Prezervit View Post
Love the vegetarian restaurant c1910 just north of the 3rd St. tunnel! Who knew?
We were all pretty much amazed by that as well.
I would never have guessed that there were vegetarian restaurants in 1910!!

Anyway, welcome to the thread Prezerit!

I'm not the best at explaining pc issues, so I was hoping someone here would explain in detail how to post photos.

I upload mine on imageshack. (it's free, unless you want larger capacity for your photos)
When I copy & paste the url onto skyscraperpage it looks like this.....[IMP] name of file here [IMP]
To get it to work I have to change IMP to lower case letters. (I have NO idea why)
So your url will eventually look like this ............[imp] name of file here [imp]

I hope that helps.

Also, thanks for the information on that early aerial of downtown L.A. It was much appreciated.

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