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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
That was really enjoyable. But I'm still going to be a persnickity bastard (with love). At 4:15 when she describes the shots from Girl Shy and For Heaven's Sake where the horse cart/runaway bus travel, respectively, on Grand (and while she mentions being between the 400 and 500 block, but is actually between the 500 and 600) -- in both cases Lloyd does not travel on Grand, but on Third, from near Olive, north across Grand (where the manhole cover is), toward (and shot from) Bunker Hill Avenue.

A wee quibbly, but still.

There was also one I can't remember the name of; at the beginning he's a callow youth leaving home. He leaves the Biltmore on Grand and one can see the Dome in the distance. Saw it at Silent Movie and know I wrote it down somewhere...
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