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When the Mammy is weilding a knife, I bet she isn't very "nice".

Just for you info, ther caricature of the old, happy, and likeable Mammy as seen thru films like Gone With The Wind is a false narrative. It is a caricature that the White Southerns liked to portray to show their slaves as happy and well cared for which still, unfortunately, languishes to this day. The reality is that the Mammy of the "big house" was universally hated and feared by the other house slaves just as the junior black overseerers on the fields who would do much of the whippings to the field hands were hated by them.

The Mammy was responsible for the overall running of the house which the Mistress demanded be perfect and hence would hand out savage beatings against other house slaves for any infraction or resistance that could jeopordize her relatively priveledged status.
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