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Originally Posted by O-tacular View Post
Care to elaborate?
I have so many times. It was a typical boring haunting.; the sound of footsteps at night in the upstair's hall,; a precense in parts of the house; a picture frame on a bookshelf knocked over every now and then; some tenants, pets and, guests freaking out; a general shape of shabbiness.

Things were constantly breaking down and the next few owners put a lot of effort in renovating it and it still looked shappy. They also shared our experiences.

I went to an open house in 2010. It was stunning. A haunting or bad foundation and multiple bad renovations, etc. ... whatever it was had been expunged.

As you can image, both my parents were pragmatic and frank. They didn't believe in anything they could not touch or see.This experience was enough for them to believe in dead people.
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