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Originally Posted by digitallagasse View Post
Wow that clown is still around.
That clown got the majority of taxpayers to kill a bad tax. Taxing a 10 year old car at a rate based upon 85% the value of a brand new car is an unfair tax. Golly, the value of a brand new car falls more than 15% once it is driven off the new car lot. A 10 year old car may be worth less than 10% of its new car value, basing a tax on it at 85% is easily to show to other taxpayers as being too high.
Hence, the majority of taxpayers voting to kill that tax. Almost all people maintain ownership of their cars more than 1 year, most maintain ownership as far as 5 years, and some more than 10 years. Just about everyone owning a car would feel they were being over taxed.

The transit planners in the Seattle area will just have to find another tax the people will support. There's plenty of taxes to choose from, minus the one the taxpayers just banned.
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