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Everyone has pretty much said it. Very very little chance of Mesa becoming a dominant city in the region. It's too bad, because it's not for lack of trying. They brought in the light rail. They have approved several proposals downtown to start bringing residents and density. But it says something that a recent development of just like 20 apartments I believe we're the first market rate apartments to be built in downtown Mesa in like 20+ years. The latest plan is to bring ASU downtown. We'll see. Nothing Mesa does seems to overcome the fact that it's just not much of a destination.

I will say the downtown is nice for what it is. Unlike Gilbert or Tempe, downtown Mesa still has a decent collection of non-bar or restaurant retail. And there is a nice little collection of watering holes growing that have a vibe that I enjoy--not as college-y as Tempe, or as club-y as Scottsdale, or as family-y as Gilbert. But I can't imagine it ever really developing into anything that could be called a second city.
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