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Originally Posted by mousquet View Post
No. Southern France would still own the "tallest in the world", though I couldn't tell how correct that assertion is.

Maybe the Chinese have taller things by now, Idk.
That is clearly the tallest in the country anyway.
Also a nice piece of French-British partnership.
Designed by Norman Foster and some fr structural engineer.
Tallest in the Western Hemisphere, not the entire world. Millau lies east of the prime meridian from Greenwich (which runs near Bordeaux in that part of France) so it is in the Eastern Hemisphere.

In American usage, "Western Hemisphere" is usually used incorrectly to refer to the New World (the Americas plus Greenland and other islands).

But yes, this will be the tallest bridge in the world outside of Europe and Asia, beating out Mexico's Mezcala Bridge and the US' Golden Gate Bridge.
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