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I agree, it's such a shame. ! want the moat back.

originally posted by HossC

Place this on a 500 ft pedestal and it would be the Jetsons all over again.

and while we're looking at round buildings...

"The proposed $2,750,000 Arroyo motor Hotel seen in this 1960 drawing would have been a strikingly modern addition to Pasadena. The project proposed by Hawkins Petroleum, by Paul Williams and associates included 180 units, a private "mens only" Executive Club with individual suites and a heliport (L.A. Times, Dec. 4, 1960) The planned hotel featured a dramatic courtyard dominated by an elevated circular platform housing a restaurant and dining room. The developer, Hawkins Petroleum, was known for it's diverse investment portfolios. The project was not realized."


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