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Originally Posted by rbpjr View Post

Looking for photos of the Dickens Street school in Sherman Oaks...attended there around 1946...not sure it is still there...
Originally Posted by oldstuff View Post

It appears that at least some of the buildings are still there. The School is apparently now Sherman Oaks Charter Elementary. It says that it was started in 1924. The address has changed from Dickens Street to Greenleaf on the other side. I don't find any pictures online either
I could only find the Dickens Street School in the 1937-1938 San Fernando Valley City Directory. It's listed at 14726 Dickens Street with Earl R Swaim as principal. I haven't found any ground-based pictures yet, but here are some aerials to show the evolution of the site. The first is from 1947, so should represent the layout at the time that rbpjr attended. It looks like the largest building faced Dickens Street. The lower street is Greenleaf Street.

Historic Aerials

The 1952 image shows some extra buildings on the site.

Historic Aerials

I think the original Dickens Street building is still there on this 1972 image.

Historic Aerials

The site looks quite empty in 1980. The 1977 image is actually very similar, but not as clear.

Historic Aerials

A few buildings have been added since 1980, but there's still a large playground through the middle of the site. As mentioned by oldstuff, Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter is the only school that's there now. You can find their website here.

Google Maps

Here's a view of Dickens Street where the original school once stood.

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