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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
Thanks mrnyc for the update. This is a big project for the Bronx. Actually, I expect the Bronx to be the next major boom spot. More so than Brooklyn. Just watch and see. I predict Queens being the number one spot in terms of new units and permits, and the Bronx in time will be 2nd. This is one borough that will be the next hot place to be. The demand is moving North. We've seen it with Harlem, and now, with several waterfront Parcels in and around the S. Bronx. Those themselves will host 1000's of units. Lots of potential, especially as the affordable housing program continues to advance. Hopefully a new 421a plan passes. That will really aid Queens and Bronx developments.
The Bronx will just go up and up and up. It will be the next borough to see significant growth. If I was still investing in New York property, I'd buy things there. Made some nice cheddar on Harlem flips a number of years back.
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