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1) With the seismic system.
2)Without the seismic system first experiment

3) Without the seismic system second experiment

4)damage Control

The seismic base represents the foundation soil.
In experiments there is no anchor.
There is a screw which is screwed with screws bolts on top of the roof and below the seismic base.
The lower bolt (represents) is like the anchor
The first experiment has screws and is screwed above the roof and and below the seismic base.
In the second experiment have screwed with screws the base of the model with the seismic base. ( This is not very effective )
In the third experiment, not screwed at all with the seismic base. This makes the difference.
this video is another method of fixing.
Τhe anchor won't pull out of the ground in an actual earthquake because the hydraulic system of the mechanism of the patent retains the tendon always stretched. In rocky ground no problem, because we know that the hard rocks not recede from the pressure
If you have a moly bolt, and screw it to the wall you can not push through or pull it out.
The same system with the screw of the wall is the patent system.

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