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Originally Posted by KoolKool View Post
really u got any article on it ?. and after the war we were really POOR
the Vietnam war is really long 30 year fighting its really hold back A nation from growing
sure, no problem. and sorry if I was rude. David Elliott's Changing Worlds is probably one of the best recent studies of Vietnam's postwar economic growth.
And Huy Duc's Ben Thang Cuoc is also very good, if you read Vietnamese (there'll probably be an English translation soon).

as for books on the war, there are hundreds. i'd be happy to suggest some which (i think) are balanced.

To make a long story short, the reasons why Vietnam was so poor after the war have as much to due with South Vietnamese corruption and ineptitude and authoritarianism as they do with Northern ineptitude and authoritarianism (and, more and more these days, corruption). South Vietnam was in absolutely terrible shape by the early 1970s, and it could well have collapsed on its own even if the Communists hadn't invaded. Vietnam's progress since then has been remarkable, in spite of considerable blunders by the party, and US-Chinese efforts to "bleed Vietnam white" by supporting Khmer Rouge guerrillas until the early 90s. The party has lost a lot of its lustre though in the past few years, and there's certainly ample grounds to criticize it within the confines of reality, without having to appeal to an imaginary self-serving golden age of freedom and prosperity that people who have never set foot outside Orange County insist on clinging to.
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