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The Addams Family tv-series house--a painting-on-photograph that includes one of the
six-globe streetlamps (at right) installed in Chester Place in 1903 (the "city's first
in a residential community," according to the L.A. Times) and soon after in
other parts of West Adams. It was based on the Los Angeles house below.

Don Sloper/Los Angeles's Chester Place/Sisters of St. John of Carondelet
The Newhall house ca. 1969. I haven't found a photo of the house closer to its construction.

An actual photograph of the Newhall house used early in the series, without matte
painting added.

I always thought the Adam's Family House was 100% fictional.......simply an artist's idea of what a haunted house should look like.
I had no idea its origins was an actual house in the L.A. area.

Very cool GaylordWilshire.
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