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What is actress Debbie Reynolds doing on the corner of Hollywood and Vine in 1955? Notice the construction of the Capitol Records building in the background, the first circular office building in the world.

From USC archive

She wasn't far from the Hollywood Brown Derby, shown here in 1938.

From USC archive

I think I'll have a Cobb salad, please, it was invented at the Hollywood Brown Derby. Oh and Lucy, stop throwing pies at Bill Holden. "Excuse me miss, is that caricature of Shelley Winters or Judy Holliday?" "Neither, it's Eve Arden."

Hollywood and Vine, 1945

Hollywood and Vine, 1947

both pics from LAPL

Within 2 years, the older, spiky twin-lantern streetlamps would be gone, replaced by the taller, teardrop streetlamps. And going by the Debbie Reynolds photo, by 1955, the old ACME semaphore traffic signals would be replaced by the standard 3-colored light traffic signals. You can see the Brown Derby in the background of both pics.
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