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A few thoughts come to mind....

I encounter quite a few of them when I run a downtown delivery route. Like most people on here, I rarely carry cash and politely decline. Earlier this summer, one day, I was eating my lunch in the company truck, and a fellow on a bicycle came by and asked me for some lunch. I had about 15 minutes left on my lunch break and I was essentially finished eating, so I decided to go buy him lunch. There were no fast food restaurants nearby, but there was this greasy spoon diner that was a few blocks away, so I drove over there, and he followed me and we went inside. I gave him a menu and told him to order whatever he wanted. He gave his order, and I prepaid it including a 20% tip to the waitress, and then left. He was very appreciative for what I did. I rarely ever do anything like that for anyone homeless, save for something like a few tacos at Taco Bell or giving someone 5 bucks, but this guy was a pretty nice guy. I don't know his story, nor do I really want to know, but on that particular day. It was good helping him out.

And that's what I try to do. I've pumped gas into someone else's tank a couple of times. Obviously, I can't do it for everyone, but if I can help someone out, I try to do what I can.

One thing I'm curious about, and maybe someone on here can help me answer this question. What's up with the homeless veterans? As someone mentioned earlier, you see a lot of signs with "homeless veteran" on it. I would assume that most of them are veterans, because impersonating a veteran (stolen valor) is obviously against the law, although there are a few that still try to do it. But the big question is, why doesn't the VA help them out? I'm asking out of ignorance here, because I don't know what role they play to a veteran once they're discharged. I had an acquaintance that was on military disability tell me that many of them were dishonorably discharged, and obviously the VA can no longer help them. I was wondering if that's true??
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