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"Fifield Manor" was an interim name of the Arcady, now the Wilshire Royale, at 2619 Wilshire (http://wilshireboulevardhouses.blogs...e-see-our.html); the top of its north side appears in the photo. The Shell station was at 2500 W Sixth Street at the SW corner of Coronado. At right is a glimpse of the top of the Rampart Apartments, which we've seen before here, at the SW corner of Rampart & Sixth.

James Fifield was an interesting character--sort of an upper-class Aimee McPherson, who presided over the nearby First Congregational Church for many years. Like Amy, he believed in living not humbly like Jesus but well--in his case at 118 Fremont Place. He was a supporter of Joe McCarthy, btw. The Rev Fifield founded the Manor, which was a nursing home once with a location in the Chateau Elysee/Scientology Celebrity "Centre"-- Fifield died in 1977--the 2619 Wilshire Boulevard location lasted until at least the next year.

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