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Originally Posted by riichkay View Post

Paul Revere and the Raiders at 10050 Cielo Dr., about 1967....front man Mark Lindsay on the far left.

In the new Tarantino film the Raiders are prominently featured on the soundtrack, including their early '67 hit "Good Thing" (the tune also turns up in the trailer)....there is a connection here to the notorious murder house, as the song was written there by Terry Melcher and Mark Lindsay, who lived in the house along with Melcher's girlfriend Candice Bergen in '67-'68....famously, Charlie Manson had been up there pitching his songs to Melcher, that's how Manson knew the house.

Tarantino is well known for his pop culture references, so maybe he was well aware of this....or he just thought it was a good late '60's pop tune, which is certainly true.

I saw the picture the other night, a fine job recreating the Hollywood of the period, punctuated by KHJ air checks featuring Robert W. Morgan, Don Steele etc...about 2/3rds through I thought this is a good film, but in the last act (the events of the carnage night) it goes off the rails somewhat...3 1/2 stars out of 5 for me.
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I saw the film last Saturday. I liked it. I was totally laughing my head off at the carnage at the end. It really is a "Once upon a time" fairy-tale fantasy film that has a fairy-tale/Hollywood ending. And I found the very ending somehow poignant.

I saw this last Thursday. I need to see it again because I had too many other things in my head watching it...I was concentrating on timeline things and if they were accurate...and the location shooting aspects of the film and I was comparing what was happening with the Manson characters plotline to that recent two season series Aquarius and such, and some things I was looking for because I'd heard about them weren't in the film, things like James Marsden playing Burt Reynolds or a youtube video I'd seen of some Hollywood Blvd. filming where a red car with large fins had (apparently) crashed into the back of a police car in front of the Pantages...not in the movie. And they spent a month repainting and dressing the Aquarius Theatre (Earl Carroll's) before they filmed it in November last year--not a glimpse of it in the film. So a lot going on in my head besides the plot point.

Then there were things like the recreation of Pandora's Box (recreated in Hollywood on Ivar I believe) and there's a scene of Brad Pitt's character driving by it, with the Capitol Records Bldg. looming behind it. (?) Most people won't know this, but after the 1966 riots on Sunset Blvd. Pandora's Box was closed, so by 1969 it wasn't even around.

However, the film IS called "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" a fairytale/fantasy as South Pasadena writes above, and i'm leaning toward his thoughts on it at the moment.

And talk about SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION! I'm a couple of degrees from Charles Manson and who knew? Because of a friend of mine and his employment and friendship with some people, for nearly 20 years I've been acquainted with a man named Keith and his wife. Talked to them on many occasions and attended some dinners and a couple functions where we'd chat. I knew he had worked in the music business and knew some celebrity types, but had no idea this person I thought of as some oldish man (though I'm not that much younger than he is) was acquainted with and then became a member of Paul Revere and the Raiders! When I was informed of that only recently I looked up some things about him, which included this on a Facebook page called The Underground Garage:

Paul Revere & the Raiders' lead vocalist Mark Lindsay was living at a luxury home on 10050 Cielo Dr., in Benedict Canyon, California less than a year before actress Sharon Tate moved in and was brutally murdered by members of the Manson "family" along with several of her guests. Also living in the same house at the time with Mark Lindsay, was the Raiders' record producer, Terry Melcher. Mark Lindsay met Charlie Manson and had some encounters during his stay at the home. So, most likely around early to mid-'68, ML moved out, and Terry Melcher remained for a while possibly into early '69 based on what Keith Allison, (who in 1969 joined Paul Revere & the Raiders), told me when he responded to my Facebook question about this matter. Either late '68 or early '69, both Keith and Mark arrived at Cielo for a reason they both can’t recall. It was just the three of them, Keith, Mark and Terry. Keith recalls as he’s leaving he says, “Hey, here comes Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys) with a couple guys.” Terry freaks saying he doesn’t want them in the home, let’s go out. The three approach Dennis, and here Keith Allison shakes both Manson and Tex Watson's hands for the only time. Tex Watson was a member of the Manson family who would later take a big part in both nights of the brutal Sharon Tate-LaBianca murders. Keith said they were both creepy as...


You would never think the Keith Allison that I've known ever looked like this and was thought of as a Paul McCartney look-a-like.

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