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Paul Revere and the Raiders at 10050 Cielo Dr., about 1967....front man Mark Lindsay on the far left.

In the new Tarantino film the Raiders are prominently featured on the soundtrack, including their early '67 hit "Good Thing" (the tune also turns up in the trailer)....there is a connection here to the notorious murder house, as the song was written there by Terry Melcher and Mark Lindsay, who lived in the house along with Melcher's girlfriend Candice Bergen in '67-'68....famously, Charlie Manson had been up there pitching his songs to Melcher, that's how Manson knew the house.

Tarantino is well known for his pop culture references, so maybe he was well aware of this....or he just thought it was a good late '60's pop tune, which is certainly true.

I saw the picture the other night, a fine job recreating the Hollywood of the period, punctuated by KHJ air checks featuring Robert W. Morgan, Don Steele etc...about 2/3rds through I thought this is a good film, but in the last act (the events of the carnage night) it goes off the rails somewhat...3 1/2 stars out of 5 for me.
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