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Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post
Looking a little closer at this slide and the Cinegrill Marquee, it is George Liberace that's playing at the Cinegrill. With the "y" in front of Noell as a clue, there was a Teddy Noell who had a dance orchestra and that may be him appearing at the Cinegrill.

The clue at right center of what was playing at the Chinese Theatre when this photo was taken shows it to be Walt Disney's Fantasia which played the Chinese Theatre in 1963 from Wednesday, February 20, 1963 - Tuesday, April 9, 1963 (7 Weeks) per Kurt Wahlner's Grauman's Chinese website HERE.

The banners proclaiming "Hollywood Salutes Bye Bye Birdie" are interesting. IMDB says the film opened in New York City on April 4th, several days before Fantasia ended it's run at the Chinese, but IMDB says it opened in Los Angeles in June. Maybe they had a premiere for it in April?
Excellent deductions, Martin Pal!

I somehow missed your post earlier. I didn't think anyone had commented on the ad.
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