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A 'like' button or something similar would be nice. Perhaps something members and non-members of the forum could click.

While I like one off threads and prefer them I can see a place for ongoing threads. I do think they might need to be segregated to a separate section. Or maybe ongoing threads can be pinned.

I prefer the one off threads because they require you to develop a narrative and are similar to producing a news story or an exhibition. One offs typically have a beginning, middle and end to them. I see one offs as an act of storytelling.

One offs also require you to be critical of your own photos in the editing process. This would also limit or reduce the multiple threads a member may post about a city at one time. It seems anything beyond two or three threads about one city posted simultaneously is overkill. I think some walk down the street, snap a photo of every building on a street and post it. I call it GoogleStreetview photography. It leads to over exposure of a city and discourages others from sharing their photo point of view about that city because who really needs 8 photo threads of XYZ city all at the same time. Frankly I enjoy seeing a city from a variety of lenses. None of us see a city the exact same way and that's what is great about photography. Photography is partially what you do with the camera and partially what you do in your editing process.

Anyway those are my thoughts on improving the photography forum.
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