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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Alden Jewell


9230 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills: Same building (and same lamppost), but none of the charm.

Alden Jewell
A shot of a prior showroom of Hillcrest Cadillac, 1949; the dealership was at 9230 Wilshire then, but the lamppost here
is not one with the typical and long-standing Wilshire Blvd-in-BH base seen in the other pictures. Maybe they had a
satellite showroom somewhere else in L.A.....

Edit: Still don't know where the above showroom might have been, but apparently there was once a Hillcrest branch in this building at the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd and Orange:


7010 Hollywood Blvd.

In 1948 Hillcrest Motor Company vacated the building and an appliance store called Electra City moved in. Electra City sold all types of appliances, TV's and radios.
Post 1948? or '47 (Pomona Library and

Undated, no address. Look carefully to the right of the bystander's head. Hillcrest? "Cadillac" "Marmon" Do I see the reflection of "Auburn?" (EL Cord??)
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