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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Let's just say that of all the cars your father might have brought home from Williamson's, you prayed that it wouldn't be a Simca. Chrysler imported them from about 1958 to '71. Definitely ladies' cars, like the even less attractive Renault. French cars had a not-undeserved rep as quirky and unreliable; English imports did too, but theirs was mitigated by the cool factor of MG and Austin-Healey roadsters....
LOL. Touche GW. I loved my Simca Elysee because it was tres stylish (I had a later one with the sloped hood and back deck), pretty even (I particularly liked the design of the dash). It was lively to drive. I loved the look of Renaults too*:


I later owned a 1950 Chrysler fluid -drive (the closest I've ever gotten to an automatic), the back seat of which folded flat combining that area with the trunk to make a large cargo space. I bought it for $150 from a fellow who used to ship it to Europe every summer packed with the paraphernalia to drive town to town putting on marionette shows.

As a kid I could name the make, model and year of every car on the road with very few exceptions. Those days are gone.

*I hope I may be forgiven for this because somewhere in my passport collection, I have an EU one.

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