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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
for you GW.


As nice a picture of ca. 1900 suburban Los Angeles ca. 1900 as there ever could be... I've seen similar shots of this street, perhaps even the photograph from which the postcard was taken, and have tried to find it. "Bonnie Brae" referrred to more than just the street by that name--there was the Bonnie Brae Tract from roughly 7th to 9th, Beacon to Lake; the South Bonnie Brae Tract, a bit more irregular in shape, from 9th to 11th and Beacon to Alvarado; and the West Bonnie Brae Tract, 9th to 11th, Grand View to Carondelet. Many of the streets in this combined area (including other subdivisions) have the gentle slope seen in the pic. I've explored all the suspect streets and have never found these houses. It must have been amazing in its brief heyday.
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