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One word:WOW

For all the time I have ever spent in NYC,I mostly,if not only,spend it all in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. I was even born in Queens,and what I can remember from my childhood, I only visited Manhattan a few times, and when I did, it wasn't solely for enjoyment. Those moments happened when I was very young, and I can't remember most of them. Even after I left for Florida, when I drove back to visit, the car went through a tunnel,crossed some blocks,and went across any of the various bridges to Long Island. I was not aware of skylines back then, so I never thought I was living by Manhattan.In 2006, I had my first real street encounter in Times Square and somewhere in Downtown. Those areas make you feel like you're inside a canyon.A second trip was a school field trip to a space restaurant,MARS 2112, and a live performance of STOMP. Those experiences haven't happened again since. Last year,I acknowledged the New York skyline from the New Jersey Turnpike for the first time and the Statue of Liberty a second time since 2002. This thread has reminded me that Manhattan and the rest of New York are really something else. No other place in the east coast has as much diversity and greatness as this metropolis on the Hudson. The next time I get a chance to visit again,I'm going to live these moments more often.
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