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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
^^^GaylordWilshire, that is one of the best post EVER!
All those photos are great....and the history as well (Prudent Beaudry).

That's why this thread is so fun. You go to search for one thing,
and you come across all these wonderful tidbits of L.A. history and lore.

Did you ever find Mary Miles Minter's house?
I'm glad everyone liked my chance discovery of Prudent's house.
It was great to see that the Brunswig building still stands. I hope
all that covering is for its renovation and not its destruction.

As for Miss Minter's house--I swear, finding a picture of it was
tougher than finding the El Centenario--which is odd, since the house
still stands on S. New Hampshire and was once the home of a movie
star. Anyway, it has been the Children's Institute since 1951. (It is
described as 701 in Wm Desmond Taylor-related writings, but the
Institute gives its address as 711--and by the way, Jerry Seinfeld's
Upper West Side apartment building is just down the street at 757.
I know that's a non-noir aside, but maybe someone was murdered
in the building, who knows.)

Minter and her mother seem to have been between several houses around the time of the murder, including 2039 S. Hobart (where Mary apparently was the night of the shooting) and 701 S. New Hampshire:

Looking for Mabel



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