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This is really awesome! In looking at these pics of Prudent Beaudry's house, and knowing where it was located, I now know the context of the other buildings.

In these two pics, the building on the right...
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These pictures are dated 1910--this is 81 New High Street--the number was changed at some point to 501
and the Restaurant Moctezuma, mentioned in the captions as being in this building, apparently became El
Centenario. The house had been the residence of a famous Angeleno, Prudent Beaudry, who was mayor
from 1874-1876. Part of New High Street still exists, parallel to N. Broadway from Chavez to Alpine, with a bit
at the Plaza--which, according to Google, would be where the house once stood. (New High once extended
southerly to about Court St. next to the Hall of Records.)
... is the Brunswig Building (built in 1888), which I had posted a while back:

USC Archive

Or at least it was part of the Brunswig Building, or attached to it. That part is now gone.

A pic from November 2009:

Photo by me

I'm gonna have to go by this again soon to see how it looks now. I'm hoping the temporary fencing is gone and I could actually walk up to and around the building.

I think it's so sad that a lot of LA history has been erased, but the things that still do exist are really a treasure.
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