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Originally Posted by LA21st View Post
Eh, I don't see it. Houston and Dallas will go grow by 12-14 million after their boom only produced 3-4 million in the same period of time?

What infrastructure do they have can even support that?
Seems like wishful thinking.

La was always built to be a mega city.
Yep, also just basic geography. LA has a good port on the Pacific for direct trade with Asia that doesn't have to go through the canal, a time zone that is more convenient for Asian clients, great weather. Neither Houston not Dallas have the stupendous location, access or infrastructure that could make them into megacities.

Houston, in particular, is ignoring the waving red flag that is Harris County. If domestic migration has reversed in your city's main county with people fleeing to the exurbs and growth barely sustained by natural increase... well, 1950s Midwest has a story to tell.