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Originally Posted by LA21st View Post
It will never pass the city population. But the metro populations are definitely in play. It's very likley LA will pass the NYC metro, wether it's in our lifetimes or not, barring some massive earthquake.

However, I don't think much would change because its so isolated. NYC is in a perfect location to maintain it's dominance in many areas. But it's going to be interesting to see LA grow up though.

It's astonishing a place like this got built, when you fly out west over hundreds of miles of NOTHING to get there.
A more interesting question will be whether the Texas metros of DFW and Houston pass LA and Chicago over the next 30 years. Or whether they will hit a growth plateau like LA has (i.e., grow more slowly). And how big will Austin metro get; whether it will surpass all Midwestern metros except Chicago.