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Originally Posted by Tourmaline View Post
At the risk of going too far off the beaten path, I have a couple of questions concerning LA’s electric street cars. Did LA ever try an electrified “third rail” system, and/or was all electrification accomplished by means of overhead wiring?
Back in the day, there was probably no third rail in the county. Third rail was/is pretty rare in California with the Northern Electric Railway and Central California Traction in the Central Valley using it in years past. Today, NorCal's BART is third rail and so is LA's Metro Red Line.

Tying the questions closer to the noirish LA subject matter, with all of the electricity above the miles of street car tracks, have there been any NLA postings concerning the potentially tragic consequences of humanity contacting those live wires or other portions of street car live electrical apparatus? I would guess it was not a popular subject for the public utilities, but even today, downed electrical power lines still seem to make the news.
In a noirish LA context, there are probably far more car vs. train accident photos around than railroad-related electrocution ones.
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