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Billboard Refrigerator Cars

Originally Posted by HossC View Post

And for Earl Boebert and Wig-Wag, here's another Swift refrigerator car. This one's got a "Carload of Swift's Brookfield mayonnaise for Peninsula Stores".

USC Digital Library

Just be careful your interest in refrigerator cars doesn't go too far - it could end in ... from L.A. Noire.
Nice follow-up to your original post, HossC. Straying a bit into the world of 'Reefer Madness", the Swift car is an example of what was once known as a "Billboard Reefer".

"The practice of painting advertisements on the freight cars of shippers and car owners dates well back into the 19th century. But in the 1920s, leasing companies realized they could contract with shippers to pass back usage payments beyond some agreed minimum.

This led to an explosion of car leasing and, as this book amply demonstrates, a corresponding explosion of billboard decoration of refrigerator cars. Railroad objections, especially to the usage payment rebates, led to hearings before the Interstate Commerce Commission, which, taking effect in 1937, banned most of the leasing practices which had generated the car leasing bonanza. After World War II, a restrained billboard style made a modest comeback.
Car-side advertising was only a detail of that ICC decision. But because it was the basis for a remarkable diversity of refrigerator car paint schemes in the era, the photographs of these cars have long held an interest for historians, railfans, and model railroaders." - From: Billboard Refrigerator Cars by Richard H. Hendrickson and Edward S. Kaminski, Signature Press, August 1, 2008.

Swift reefers were typically painted white with red lettering or Yello-orange with red lettering. This one looks to be white.


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