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Governor Slams Return Of Commuter Tax

Governor David Paterson dismissed talks of bringing back New York City's commuter tax.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said yesterday he is in favor of bringing back the tax on those who work in the city and live outside the five boroughs.

Today, a spokesperson for the governor released a statement opposing the tax, saying in part, "The governor is not considering taxes. He's continuing the process he began when he took office, to bring the state's revenues in line with spending."

Next week, on Paterson's lawmakers will meet to address Wall Street's impact on the state's budget.

The governor said the meeting will allow lawmakers to take additional steps to ensure the state's fiscal stability and to develop a plan of action to address the situation, four weeks before a revised state financial plan is due.

If Democrats take control of the State Senate in November, the tax could be reconsidered.

Some say even talking about bringing back the tax could help Republican candidates in suburban districts.

"So this becomes a way perhaps to actually strengthen the candidacy of republican candidates, create a political hurdle for democratic candidates who are going to be a tough position," said David Birdsell of Baruch College.

Silver helped eliminate the tax back in 1999 and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been advocating for its return for years.

Paterson also said he would like the legislature to meet in a special session in Albany to make more budget cuts, but has not picked a date for that meeting.
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