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Originally Posted by DFW View Post
Didn't know where to post this error request for update but I thought I would try here first. In the data base for city drawings it indicates Mexico instead of Mexico City. Obviously we know that Mexico is the nation and Mexico City the city name.
For me, There's no error, we have another examples into our database with same-name case, find Washington as City and State but our database don't shows the name as "Washington City" or "Washington State", same case we find Panama as Country and City... and we have a reason... on the diagram the first column describes Name of building, City, Country, Illustrator, etc. that makes obvious and unnecessary to put again "City"...but is only what I think.

About the correct name:
Some time ago I have a conversation with other editors, some of them says the name "Mexico City" is a kind of international code, but real names are not "codes" is not a rule signed by all, it's a way of some people to describes as their culture use to make it, but their custom way to do the things is not a rule for all, I think is not a law to try to translate all to english, My name is not different if I go to another country, the same thing happen for countries or cities, we not use to translate "Los Angeles" to "The Angels City" or "Texas" to "Roof Tiles State" or "Santa Fe" to "Saint Faith City" or "Florida" to "Flowered State" or "Nevada" to "Snowed State" we don't have right to change names just for customs without a logical support. If we must change the name of Mexico we should put the name "Ciudad de Mexico" not Mexico City...

By the way -a historic capsule- , the town was named Mexico first ( translated from their original language "on the middle of the moon lake"*) and when all the territories became as a country "takes" the same name too, but we have to know the right name of the country is "Mexican United States" not Mexico, right now (dec 2015) the senate approves a complex change of name from Distrito Federal (Common Territory for the government of the federation of all mexican states) to Ciudad de México but now as a kind of same level as a state...

I'm sure we have to preserve the simplicity and just maintain Mexico free of "City, State or Country" words.


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