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So many great posts lately!

Welcome to the forum, BulletBob!

Originally Posted by CASIGNS View Post
Sopas ej - Thanks for the photo of the Arroyo Seco Parkway sign. What a great shot, love it, a crowded freeway, city hall in the distance, early overhead porcelain enamel traffic sign. Before you got on the freeways you had to find them. The Automobile Club of Southern California of course helped by posting signs in the early 50’s on nearby streets directing motorist to the nearest freeway. Here is a photo of one such sign from my collection.

No prob, CASIGNS. I love your website. Great freeway sign you have, too.

California freeway entrances are always so well-marked compared with other states. The modern green "FREEWAY ENTRANCE" signs, do you know if maybe those evolved from signs that the Auto Club might've made?

Here's another photo. The 101 headed towards downtown near Alameda Street, 1961.

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