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Originally Posted by yveseluj View Post
Renovated Dynamite store in the Cornwall is going to be open very soon, potentially as early as tomorrow by the looks of it. This leaves their temporary location on the second level vacant, along with at least four other store fronts (old calendar store on the main level, Second Cup, Havik, and Smitty's).
I am not in Regina so I don't know, but didn't Dymamite just open in the Cornwall Centre? Why would they renovate a brand new store (unless the retail chain went through a major store format change right after they opened the Regina store)?

I am hoping H&M is taking the vacant Havik, Smitty's and upper floor. I really do hope as that would be an amazing addition to the mall and gateway across from LuluLemon. I am also guessing Goodlife will be looking for a location downtown to compete with the YMCA and GOLD's Gym on Scarth. Goodlife would actually be a great tenant for the first couple levels of the yet to be built Hill Tower IV when they get to it.... with some restaurant space on the 1st level. I wonder when Harvard will announce that project.
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