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Originally Posted by CoryB View Post
I do not know Regina geography well but will try to share insights on the general trends in Canada on items posted here.

We have seen similar scenarios happen in Winnipeg although I am not sure if a bidding war was involved. The history in Winnipeg shows that Tims is willing to open locations within a short distance of each other especially if the first location is very popular. Based on that alone I would say watch for Tims to keep both locations mentioned in this thread.

Forever 21 has actually been slowing down their expansion plans as their fiscal performance is not keeping place with expectations. H&M though seems to be continuing expansion without issues.
This isn't two locations a block or two from each other, it's two in the same mall. Come to think of it, there's another a few blocks east. While it's possible, I really would hope that's not the case. Because of the location of the original Tim's in the mall, it seems likely that the mall has other plans. They kicked Smitty's out before their lease was up and bought the building adjecent to those spots. The previous owners of that building were also tenants and they moved to a new location while the mall told the second floor tenant they had other plans for the building and they were asked to move. They haven't done anything to to that area of the mall and don't appear to be trying to lease the spots. It seems safe to say they have something in mind. The first floor in that area is completely free now and the second floor only has Tim's and Chatters. And now that I think about it I vaguely remember someone telling me a month or so ago that Chatters was looking for a new location. I assume their lease is up soon. It was just an offhand remark from a coworker who buys her hair products there so it didn't really register. I only remember because I said that for the mall their current setup is nice with the store in front and salon in the back.
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