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I do not know Regina geography well but will try to share insights on the general trends in Canada on items posted here.

Originally Posted by BrannyMuffin View Post
Anyone heard anything about Second Cup losing their spot in the Cornwall Centre? In the surface, it sucks, but it's interesting for a couple of reasons...the owners of the north location seem to be looking for another location downtown so hopefully hey find something soon. It will be interesting to see where they end up. Aside from that, there was apparently a bidding was over the location and it sounds like Tim Horton's won.
We have seen similar scenarios happen in Winnipeg although I am not sure if a bidding war was involved. The history in Winnipeg shows that Tims is willing to open locations within a short distance of each other especially if the first location is very popular. Based on that alone I would say watch for Tims to keep both locations mentioned in this thread.

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The long standing rumor has been H&M or Forever 21 taking the Havik/Mall space. And it's quite likely.
Forever 21 has actually been slowing down their expansion plans as their fiscal performance is not keeping place with expectations. H&M though seems to be continuing expansion without issues.
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