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^ yep its from last year i found it:

^ if you don't want to bother reading, basically it says there are 8k sheds across the city, with half in manhattan alone, and most in midtown, with almost all having been up less than a year (one has been up uptown for 12yrs+ lol).

so usually that just goes to show the amount of construction going on in hectic midtown, which also includes upkeep stuff like pointing, painting and renovations, as well as additions and conversions and the like.

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Yeah the sheds with construction versus no construction seemed like about 50/50. Some buildings were even sporting nicer white sheds with lighting. Just the sheer number of them overall is jarring coming from Chicago where they are only utilized during actual work and removed swiftly when done.

They just bottleneck walkers something fierce which is not great in midtown where pedestrian volume is high and a lot of sidewalks not especially wide except on the avenues.

yeah, for sure construction or reno work is intermittent sometimes.

usually visitors from chicago and other places are mostly shocked about trash day streets when they visit!
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