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Hmm, I don't know, seems like they ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. I like the concept of DD on some routes, especially replacing some of the dopey MCI coaches on the express routes. I do have some criticisms though. In general I don't dislike the Alex Dennis buses, I think they look pretty slick but I don't think it's necessary at all to have these luxury liner looking buses operating express routes. I'd much rather prefer something a bit more modest in appearance and much less rockstar tour bus. I love the MAN double-deckers in Berlin, something like that would look fantastic. Also I think it would be brilliant to run double deckers on one or more of the Fifth Ave routes (M1-4), maybe even one in special livery to reflect the historic connection to the old Fifth Ave Coach. I could see it becomming a tourist thing giving the benefit to the MTA and away from the tour bus co's.
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