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Lived on Salt Spring Island BC about 15 years ago {hence my name SSIGUY} in a house with a few other guys. There was a very well known haunted house on the island that was supposedly haunted by a large black woman, essentially the classic "Mammy" during slavery days. At the turn of the last century there were about 5 black families on SSI from the Old South who had fled Jim Crow and went to the PNW for relief. They apparently found things not much better particularily Oregon which apparently violently anti-black so headed to BC.

The black families all left SSI but one remains.........the Mammy. One of the guys I lived with was desperate for any work but the haunted house was the work assignment. He was relatively new on the island and had never heard of the haunted house or the Mammy. Just 3 hours later he returned to the house as white as a sheet and very agitated. He said he saw a ghost of an old big black women with an apron who looked like the one from Gone With The Wind wielding a knife. He never went back to the work even to get his 3 hours pay which he desperately needed. True story.
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