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Originally Posted by jpIllInoIs View Post
You may be right about the Fire/Marquee hook. But that wont be near enough programming to fill up time. MLS is only 40 games/year and it overlaps MLB season entirely. I look for the Blackhawks to be in the mix. 82 games and it will fill the Oct-March void. But i dont know their tv deal terms.

At one time there was talk of Detroit as part of the Marquee. Even though the Tigers suck, it would make sense as they are in the AL and do not compete against Cubs. And if they combined Tigers/Redwings with Cubs/Blackhawks they would have alot of dates covered with live sports.
Reinsdorf and Wirtz are joined at the hip because of their co-ownership of the United Center. I would find it highly unlikely that Wirtz would allow the Hawks to swear allegiance to Marquee and jeopardize his long term partnership with Jerry Reinsdorf. I also believe the Hawks are already locked in with NBC Sports Net for the foreseeable future.

The Cubs will be looking for many different products to fill airtime on the new network. I would think they will probably be more aggressive in tempting the Bears in house to produce all their pre and post game shows and weekly NFL analysis breakdowns. Since the Bears can't actually own a RSN, it makes sense for the Cubs to persue that relationship.

The Detroit angle you mention, that's more a rumor stemming from Sinclair buying up all of these Fox Sports RSN's around the Country. They may set them selves up so all these regional markets share programming. But they need to figure out a way around MLB's blackout rules first.
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